What are the benefits of Zumba®?

Zumba® burns calories.  The key component of Zumba® that makes it so effective is its combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training.  Promotes endurance, improves posture, boosts confidence, increases coordination, reduces anxiety, full-body workout, fast and accessible

What is Strong Nation®?

High intensity interval training class using more traditional fitness moves for a more athletic conditioning style workout.  You use your own body weight resistance to achieve muscle definition.

Can I rent space from Studio Z?

Yes!  You can rent space.  Please call us or email us to talk about pricing.

Some ideas for renting space!

Special events, meetings, extracurricular activities, personal training, yoga, martial arts

How to renew my monthly membership?

Make sure to renew before you monthly expires if you are not on auto pay.

If you would like auto pay to be turned in please let us know!